Foreing publishers, festival directors and programme managers, literary agents and scouts – visiting PRO-ZA Balkan “Skopje Fellowship” programme is dedicated to foreign publishers, festival directors and programme managers, literary agents and scouts. The Festival is among the first in the region to establish a programme dedicated to such a profile of guests, and continues with the same intensity. The objective of the Fellowship Programme is to familiarize the stakeholders of the prominent festivals and the world of publishers with our literary scene, which, we hope, would result in new translations, visits of writers abroad, promotion of the literature, networking of writers and cultural workers in the area of publishing and literature with their European and worldwide colleagues...


Nazlı Berivan Ak is a writer, editor and translator. She graduated from the Faculty of Languages, History and Geography at Ankara University and completed her master’s degree in Latin and Ancient Greek at the same department. Currently, she is working on her doctorate degree at the Department of History of Religions in the Faculty of Theology. Since 2009 she has been working as the editor of April Publishing, based in İstanbul and Ankara.
Some of the writers she has been the editor of include Han Kang, Jodi Picoult, Scarlett Thomas, John Perkins, Shubhangi Swarup, Kiley Reid, Avni Doshi, Kurt Vonnegut, Gretchen Rubin, Tibor Fischer, Charles Soule, Adam Fawer and many other important literary figures. She is the translator of texts from ancient Greek, Latin and English, and she writes textual analyses for a number
of newspapers and magazines.

In addition, she frequently appears as a speaker at international and regional literary events as an expert of publishing in the Turkish market.


Jasmina Radojicic (1985) graduated from the Department of Comparative Literature in Novi Sad. After her undergraduate studies, she did her masters at the “European Literature and Culture” program at the universities in Bologna and Thessaloniki. She is currently in the final year of doctoral studies in literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade.
She publishes in domestic and foreign magazines that cover
the topic of literary theory. Since 2015 she has been working
as editor at the Laguna publishing house, where she edits books by local authors from the region, including world literature classics (World Classics edition), newly discovered classics (Feniks edition) and forgotten Serbian female authors from the first half of the 19th century (Savremenice edition). Among other things, she edited The Delusion of St. Sebastian novel by Vladimir Tabašević, which won the NIN Award for Novel of
the Year in 2018; the Equilibrium novel by Svetlana Slapšak, which won the Vital Award in 2017; novels by Jelena Bačić-Alimpić, best selling writer in the region; novels by Vladimir Arsenijević, Ivan Ivanji, Vedrana Rudan and many others.


Dorothea Monova, director of Paradox, holds a Master’s
degree in journalism and mass communications from the Sofia University “Sv. Climent Ohridski” with a major in Television journalism. She is the author of a number of publications on journalism theory, book publishing issues, critical approaches
to cinema, classical ballet and literature. Mrs Monova started her career in book publishing in 1986 as an editor at the Sofia University Press. In 1991, she founded Paradox, specializing in elite and avant-garde literature. In 2007-2011 Monova was also editor-in-chief at the Sofia University Press.


Milen Milev, born 1983 in Sofia, Bulgaria, is an editor and foreign rights and licenses manager at Paradox Publishing.
He holds a Master’s degree in Book publishing, German philology and Political science from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany. Milev is also a translator from German into Bulgarian with several translated titles behind his back.