Foreing publishers, festival directors and programme managers, literary agents and scouts – visiting PRO-ZA Balkan “Skopje Fellowship” programme is dedicated to foreign publishers, festival directors and programme managers, literary agents and scouts. The Festival is among the first in the region to establish a programme dedicated to such a profile of guests, and continues with the same intensity. The objective of the Fellowship Programme is to familiarize the stakeholders of the prominent festivals and the world of publishers with our literary scene, which, we hope, would result in new translations, visits of writers abroad, promotion of the literature, networking of writers and cultural workers in the area of publishing and literature with their European and worldwide colleagues...


Diana Matulić studied Croatian language and literature and Comparative literature at Zagreb’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences when she discovered that her dream job was in publishing. She was hired as an editorial assistant on her last year of the studies and that paved her way to become a book editor and editor-in-chief. Since then, she’s been working for several most important and notable Croatian publishing companies like Profil, Skolska knjiga and Algoritam. In the heat of the crisis in publishing she decided to create her own company focusing on the other side of the editorial job, authors representation. In 2016 she founded Corto Literary Agency and started with international representation of Croatian and Southeastern European authors. Later the agency’s profile was successfully expanded towards representation of international authors in the Southeastern and Central European region. Agency’s mission to promote Croatian literature and literature from the region still stand as the most committed Diana’s task. She still edits books, publishes and reads, considering the whole process of the book creation magical.


Gojko Božović (1972), poet, essayist, literary critic, editor and publisher.
Books of poetry: Underground Cinema (1991), Soul of the Beast (1993), Poems of Things (1996), Archipelago (2002), Elements (2006), Nearby Deities (2012), Map (2017), Silent Beast at Noon (selected poems and chronicles, 2019).
Book of essays: Poetry in Time: On the Serbian Poetry of the Second Half of the 20th Century (2000), Place We Love: On the Contemporary Serbian Poetry (2009), Literature and Days (2018), Kingdom without Borders: On the Serbian Poetry of the 20th and 21th Century (2019), Playthings of Destiny: Essays on Serbian literature: XIX-XXI century (2020).
Anthologies: An Anthology of Recent Serbian Poetry: The Nineties, The 20th Century (2005), Place We Love. An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Poetry 1945-2006. (2006, 2011; in English), The World around Us. An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Stories (2009).
The essays treat Serbian literature of the 20th century and poetic issues of the contemporary literature.
Books of selected poems by Gojko Božović have been published in Russia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Croatia.
He received the awards „Dušan Matić“, „Brana Cvetković“, „Djura Jakšić“, „Branko Ćopić“, „Europa Giovani International Poetry Prize“ (Italy), „Petar Kočić“ and „Gračanica Charter“ for poetry.
He received „Borislav Pekić Fund Award“ for essays.
Three books of poems by Gojko Božović were published in Macedonian language (Елементи, selected poems, 2010; Околни божества : песни и хроники, 2014. and Мапа, 2019), as well as book of essays Книжевноста и дните (2021).
He is founder and Editor-in-Chief Arhipelag Publishing (Belgrade, 2007) and Belgrade Festival of European Literature (Belgrade, 2012).
Vice President of Serbian PEN Center.
He lives in Belgrade (Serbia).


Andrej Hočevar (1980) is a writer and editor with over fifteen years’ experience working in publishing. Since 2020, he works for Goga Publishing as a literary agent. Between 2019 and 2021, he was a member of Ljubljana UNESCO City of Literature office. From 2006 to 2020, he worked at LUD Literatura, where he was a member of the editorial board of the literary magazine Literatura, the editor of the imprint Prišleki, and the editor of LUD Literatura’s award-winning online literary magazine.