One of the leading contemporary Bulgarian writers, working not only as a novelist but also dramatist, essayist and short-story writer. His hugely successful first novel, the comic satire Mission London, based on his experiences as Bulgarian cultural attaché in London, has been translated in sixteen languages. The book was filmed in 2010, becom¬ing the most popular Bulgarian film since the revolution of 1990 and being described by Variety as ‘a breakthrough phenomenon’. In 2011, the film won the “Unbribable Award” of Transparency International Croatia’s program “Culture against Corruption” at Motovun Film Festival.
Award-winning The Black Box, his second novel, has so far appeared in six languages, including English, and was a bestseller in German translation as well as the original Bulgarian edition. Palaveevi Sisters: In The Storm Of The History, his third novel, won the Helikon Award for best prose book of 2013 and was translated in German and Serbian. The second part of the novel The Palaveevi Sisters: On The Road To The New World was released in 2017.
Over the years Alek Popov has won many literary awards including the Elias Canetti Prize for his novel The Black Box in 2007; Helkon Award for best prose book of the year, 2002, 2013; the Chudomir Award for satirical fiction; The Reading Man Prize; The Ivan Ra¬doev National Prize for Drama, contemporary Bulgarian novel contest of the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation, organized in cooperation with Peter Owen Publishers and etc.
Во 2012 година Алек Попов е избран за дописен член на Бугарската академија на науките во областа на уметноста.


А novelist, short story writer, essesyist and dramatist. He is an author of more than thirty novels, collection of short stories, plays and essays. Winner of many Serbian and international literary awards. After the fifth of october changes in Serbia, he was ambasador of FRY and the state union of Serbia and Montenegro in Cyprus.
For his novel „The Rise and Fall of the Parkinsson’s disease“ 2007, he was awarded with the NIN award.
His books are translated on English, French, German, Italian, Hungari¬an, Turkish, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Macedonian and Romanian language.
Svetislav Basara lives in Belgrade.


She worked as journalist, movie critic and essayist in printed media and as editor in Telma Television. She created a series of travel programs regarding Bombay and Goa in India, Kathmandu and the Himalayas in Nepal.
She is author of short story collections Mojata kozha/ My Skin and Drsko Crven Karmin/ Cheeky Red Lipstick, the essays Ogledala – ludo bilje/ Mirrors – Crazy Herbs, the children novels Momcheto Molnja/ The Thunder Boy and Igbal, mojata tajna/ Igbal, my secret, and the novels for adults Kamenot od Tvojot den – Himalajska Prikazna/ The Stone from Your Day – the Himalayan Story, Indigo Bombaj and Manastir Fuenterabija/ Fuenterabija Monastery.
She won three prestigious literature awards: The Racin Recognition, the Novel of the Year of Utrinski Vesnik daily and the award of the AWM.
Lives in her native city of Skopje and in Mavrovo.


Teofil Pančić was born in 1965 in Skopje. He writes texts, essays, critics and everything else he finds to be an appropriate mean of expressing himself, both for “Vreme” and many other printed and electronic publications.
Like many others, he has been writing poems in his younger days. He stopped after sometime but recently resumed writing, which can never be a good sign. When he was 9 or 10 he wrote a totally idiotic SF novel, and destroyed it shortly after. Moving frequently due to his father’s job, he grew up in different cities of former Yugoslavia, mainly in Zagreb. He’s been living in Zemun both physical and mentally for quite some time now, and has been living forever in Novi Sad.
The older he is, the more he is convinced that all important stories are – personal.


Slovenian writer and literary translator of English and French with a BA in Translation Studies (Ljubljana Faculty of Arts, 2004). She first worked as an in-house translator in agencies (STA, A3), but has been freelancing as a literary translator since 2007. Among her translated authors are Khaled Hosseini, Julie Otsuka, Jeet Thayil, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King jr., John Boyne, Mircea Eliade, Marie-Aude Murail, Jacqueline Raoul-Duval and many others. In 2016, she published two collections of her own short stories, Težkomentalci (publisher Literatura) and Bojne barve (Škuc Lambda publisher). Težkomentalci was nominated Best Debut Book of the year, while Bojne barve was nominated Best Short Story Collection of 2016 for the award Novo Mesto Short. The collections tackle the topics of psychiatric hospitals and LGBT population. Her last book came out in 2018 at publishing house Litera and is a novel entitled Vija vaja ven, dealing with the topic of new-age healers and sects.


A celebrated novelist, short story writer, essayist and screenwriter. He has published two essay books, one collection of short stories and five novels. In 2018, 50.000 copies were printed for his last novel “Falling/ Düşerken” which received rave reviews and it has become a bestseller in Turkey. His books were translated into Bosnian, Albanian, Bulgarian and Romanian. He contributed programs to a variety of radio and televi¬sion channels. Besides writing articles and short stories for literature magazines, he also writes documentaries and feature film scripts. He got awards for the scripts he wrote for the movies “Wrong Rosary/ Uzak İhtimal” at International Istanbul Film Festival in 2009 and “Yozgat Blues” at International Adana Film Festival in 2013.


Born in 1969 in Rijeka where he studied Yugoslavian studies at the Faculty of Pedagogy.
He has been working since he was fifteen as a water meter reader, collector for gas fees, an ice cream delivery boy, in a warehouse, as a construction worker, a gallerist, a repairer of firefighting equipment, a merchant, a bookstore person, a marketing manager, a spokesperson.
He lives and works in Zagreb as a freelance writer.
He writes poetry, prose, drama texts, texts in newspapers, scripts, and often manages literary festivals, promotions and literary fairs.
Some of the poems, cycles or books have been translated into twenty languages
He has published a dozen books and has received awards.