International literature festival “PRO-ZA Balkan” board for awarding the "Prozart" award given to a prominent author from the Balkans for outstanding contribution to the development of the Literature from Balkan, unanimously decided to give the award "Prozart" to Mircea Cartarescu, Romanian writer with a distinctive narrative talent whose prose in the early 21st century impose itself as powerful voice in the context of contemporary European literature.

Mircea Cartarescu is the most translated contemporary Romanian author whose indisputable quality proves especially with his famous trilogy “Orbitor“, which is not just translated in almost all European languages, but is also a crucial literary achievement.

Mircea Cartarescu has won many prestigious domestic and international awards among which the most important are: the International Prize for Literature Vilenica 2011; International Prize for Literature Berlin 2012; Award for the best book translated in Spain in 2014; The Austrian State Prize for Literature (2015); The Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding (2015); The Thomas Mann Prize in Germany (2018)...

In recent years, Cartarescu is often mentioned as a serious contender in the race for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Towards this statements, great contribution is given from his other outstanding literary achievements such as "Nostalgia" "Travesty", "Levant", "Why we love women" and others, that along with his trilogy has placed Cartarescu in the prestigious top of the European and world literature.

Until now outside Romania there are there are dozens translations of his books and the international critics says Cartarescu is the writer who currently represents the very best of the European literature.

Mircea Cartarescu is a full Professor at the University of Bucharest, and a journalist. He is a member of the Romanian Writers Union and the Romanian PEN.

Board for Awarding of the “Prozart” award:

Ermis Lafazanovski
Aleksandar Prokopiev
Dejan Trajkoski