Mircea Cărtărescu was born on 1 June 1956 in Bucharest. He is a writer, a full Professor at the University of Bucharest, and a journalist. He is a member of the Romanian Writers Union and the Romanian PEN.
He published over 30 books so far - novels, poetry, essays, diary, academic works, and a great number of articles. Among his main works can be mentioned the following novels: ”Travesti”, the ”Orbitor” trilogy (”Blinding”), ”Solenoid”; books of novellas and short stories: ”Nostalgia”, ”Why We Love Women”, ”Melancolia”, ”The Brown Eye of our Love”; poetry: ”Love”, ”Everything”, ”Nothing”, ”The Levant”, ”Never Cry for Help”. His books have been reviewed in the most important European and American newspapers in an extremely positive way.
His work has been translated in over 25 languages. He received most of the Romanian literary prizes and many international ones among which are to be mentioned The Thomas Mann Prize in Germany (2018), The Formentor Prize in Spain (2018), The Gregor von Rezzori Prize in Italy (2015), The Austrian State Prize for Literature (2015), The Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding (2015), The Berlin Prize Haus der Kulturen der Welt (2015) The Great Prize for Poetry in Serbia (2013), The Vilenica Prize in Slovenia (2011) etc. He was also short-listed for the Medicis Prize in France and the Strega Europeo Prize in Italy.


Ioana Nicolaie (born in Sângeorz-Băi, Bistriţa-Năsăud county, Romania) is the author of several volumes of poetry (Retouched Photo, The North, The Faith, Cenotaph, Autoimmune – considered to be the “Best Book of 2013” by the Romanian Writers Union), an anthology (Lomographies), three novels (The Sky Inside the Belly, A Bird on the Wire, The Black Wormwood – a finalist for the most important national literary prizes, winner of the prose prize awarded by Ateneu magazine, the “Book of the Year 2018” voted in the competition “The Reader Knows Best”, and Reghina's Book, winner of the Radio Romania Cultural Prize for Prose, Observator Cultural Prize, Agenția de Carte Prize and the National Prize for Prose "The Newspaper of Iassy", and several volumes of children’s literature (Arik’s Adventures, Arik and the Mercenaries, Ferbonia, Vertigia and Medilo’s Journey). She was nominated for several international prizes, among which the Eastern European Literature Award. The North was translated in German (2008), The Sky Inside the Belly was published in Swedish (2013), Bulgarian (2014) and German (2018), A Bird on the Wire was translated in Serbian, while Autoimmune was published in Bulgarian (2016). Her works were included in twenty collective books in Romania (Windows 98, 40238 Tescani, The Book of Grandparents, Intellectuals in the Kitchen, The Book of Senses, My Bucharest, Writers at the Police, etc.) and in several foreign magazines and anthologies (Poésie 2003: Roumanie, territoire d’Orphée, New European Poets, An Anthology of Contemporary Romanian Poetry etc.). She has been invited to many national and international conferences and literature festivals. Selections of her poems have been translated into French, English, German, Swedish, Polish, and Bulgarian. She is a member of the Romanian Writers’ Union and of PEN Romania. Her newest novel is ”Tot înainte”, Humanitas Publishing House, 2021.


Ante Tomić (1970) is a famous Croatian writer. So famous, and so many times mentioned in newspapers and on television, that he is seriously thinking about printing business cards on which he will write just that under his name - a famous Croatian writer. He works as a journalist in “Jutarnji list” daily, and his Saturday columns are a favorite reading of all those who know how to laugh even when the situation in the country is the saddest. As a writer, he has written four novels: "What is a man without a mustache", "Nothing should surprise us", "Love, electricity, water and telephone" and "A miracle in Poskokova Draga". He also published a collection of stories "I forgot where I parked", two books of feuilletons "Folklore Festival" and "Optimist Class" and two books of columns - "Submissive Citizen" and "A promising Boy". Together with Ivica Ivanišević, he wrote the screenplay for the movie "The Last Will", and with Rajko Grlić the one for "Let it stay among us". He also, in cooperation with Renato Baretić and Ivica Ivanišević, wrote the script for the TV series "New Age". In 2005, Hrvoje Hribar made the film "What is a man without a mustache" based on his first novel, and a year later Rajko Grlić made the film "Karaula" based on his book "Nothing Should Surprise Us".


Miljenko Jergovic is one of the most significant writers in the region of former Yugoslavia. He was born in 1966 in Sarajevo and lives nowadays in Zagreb. He is the authour of more than 30 novels, short story collections and poetry volumes and received numerous national and international literary awards, such as The Erich-Maria Remarque Peace Award (1995), the Italian Premio Grinzane Cavour (2003), the Angelus Literary Award for the best novel in Middle Europe (Poland, 2012) the Njegoš Award (2015), Prozart award (2017). He is the most widely read writer in the region.


Olivera Кјorveziroska (1965) is born in Kumanovo where she finished elementary and high school. Olivera finished her bachelor studies at the Philological Faculty in Skopje where she currently lives and works. Her works were represented in twenty anthologies of contemporary Macedonian stories which were published home and abroad. Olivera’s works were translated in English, French, Hungarian, Czech, Serbian, Slovenian, Polish, Russian, German, Bulgarian and Greek languages. She is laureate of many significant awards. For her collection of stories “(Inter)woven Stories” (Сплетени раскази) in 2003, she was awarded the “Stale Popov” Prize for the best prose. She is the author of the following books: “Third Floor” (Трети кат) and “Tall Whites” (Високите бели) – poetry; “Mirna the Pastry” (Кифличката Мирна) and “My Brother from the Thirteenth Floor” (Мојот брат од тринаесеттиот кат) – novels for children; “Grandpa Mile” (Дедо Миле) – illustrated tale; “Do the Dreams Make Work” (Отвораат ли сништата работа) and “One Text and One Woman” (Еден текст и една жена) – critics and essays; “The Locked Body of Lou” (Заклученото тело на Лу) and “Danewort” (Аб’т) – novels; “Sorrows of the Young Proofreader” (Страдањата на младиот лектор), “(Inter)woven Stories” (Сплетени раскази), “Тwo Pillows” (Две перници), “Sewn Stories” (Сошиени раскази), “Short Stories without Sugar” (Новелички без шеќер), “The Streets Which Are Gone” (Улиците што ги нема) and “Leap Years” (Престапни години) – collections of stories.


Kalin Terziyski was born on 22 March, 1970 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated from Medical University in Sofia and specialized Psychiatry. During his medical training he worked in various professions - carpenter, interviewer, sanitarian, copywriter, editor, etc. From 1996 to 2001 Terziyski worked as a physician at the psychiatric hospital „ St. Ivan Rilsky”
Also, since 1995 he engages in journalism and various artistic activities in radio television and shows. Terziyski publishes his texts in periodicals such as the magazines. Kalin Terziyski started to write poetry and fiction in 1997.
Awards: Award for best selling Bulgarian book - for the novel Alcohol – 2010. European Union Prize for Literature – 2011 for short stories „Is there anybody to love you“. Тhe Golden Feather - Award for Contribution to Bulgarian Culture – 2013.


Gojko Božović (1972), poet, essayist, literary critic, editor and publisher.
Books of poetry: Underground Cinema (1991), Soul of the Beast (1993), Poems of Things (1996), Archipelago (2002), Elements (2006), Nearby Deities (2012), Map (2017), Silent Beast at Noon (selected poems and chronicles, 2019).
Book of essays: Poetry in Time: On the Serbian Poetry of the Second Half of the 20th Century (2000), Place We Love: On the Contemporary Serbian Poetry (2009), Literature and Days (2018), Kingdom without Borders: On the Serbian Poetry of the 20th and 21th Century (2019), Playthings of Destiny: Essays on Serbian literature: XIX-XXI century (2020).
Anthologies: An Anthology of Recent Serbian Poetry: The Nineties, The 20th Century (2005), Place We Love. An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Poetry 1945-2006. (2006, 2011; in English), The World around Us. An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Stories (2009).
The essays treat Serbian literature of the 20th century and poetic issues of the contemporary literature.
Books of selected poems by Gojko Božović have been published in Russia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Croatia.
He received the awards „Dušan Matić“, „Brana Cvetković“, „Djura Jakšić“, „Branko Ćopić“, „Europa Giovani International Poetry Prize“ (Italy), „Petar Kočić“ and „Gračanica Charter“ for poetry.
He received „Borislav Pekić Fund Award“ for essays.
Three books of poems by Gojko Božović were published in Macedonian language (Елементи, selected poems, 2010; Околни божества : песни и хроники, 2014. and Мапа, 2019), as well as book of essays Книжевноста и дните (2021).
He is founder and Editor-in-Chief Arhipelag Publishing (Belgrade, 2007) and Belgrade Festival of European Literature (Belgrade, 2012).
Vice President of Serbian PEN Center.
He lives in Belgrade (Serbia).